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Meatballs, IKEA, & Digital Brushes


So went to IKEA and found this amazing frame(Click Here), didn't end up buying it because it was EXTRA LARGE, awesome but way too big!

I was on the HUNT for some storage solutions, but no luck this time :(

Had the Swedish Meatballs for the first time, they were only $3.99 a plate and they were so super yummy, it came with meatballs, gravy, mashies, and lingonberry jam on the side. Sooooo worth it, here's a pic, also experimented with my House of 3 digital brushes and some Ali Edwards digital brushes, kinda fun.  This was a quick test run, hope to do MORE digital brush projects...

later dudes,

Art Imitates Life?

In addition to talking (see Rina's Youtube Channel): ...I do also LOVE to write...its time for the BLOG-iness to happen. HEE!
LATEST OBSESSION: Copics and Greeting Farm
Here's a little secret from a Copic Newbie...coloring black hair whether you use the cool (C9, C7, C5, C3)or warm (W9, W7, W5, W3) grays is FAR MUCH EASIER to do than any other colored hair..WHY? because those ARE the colors you use (well those are the ones I use) - with the other colored hair there are so many color combos. what to chose? what to chose?  Brown Hair is my nemesis...have not mastered it yet... Anyhoo, this image was slightly DRAMA, I'll list the colors that I used but DISCLAIMER, these aren't the colors that you necessarily should use, but more the colors I have in my stash, and most of the time I cover up boo-boos with other colors so there you go, here is the list of the "madness"
Face - E50, E51 Eyelids, Shoes - E31, E34 Hair (Drama Part) - E31, E35, YR21, YR24, Y21 Pants - B12, B…