Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pink Black and White!

..I just love this color combo!! I've been experimenting with lots of colors lately but truly this is my favorite combo, I was reminded of this at a recent lunchtime trip to Forever 21, I like to check out the jewelry section, they always have some some cute and inspiring stuff!

Look how fab the decor is...

and look at these super cute bracelets, i held back on getting the black, but i may have to go back, planning on taking these apart and using these awesome pieces for something Teresa Collins-ish!

also had to peek into the cupcake store - i just love cupcakes!!

That's all i got!!
Take Care,


  1. what you didn't buy the bracelets? go back go back LOL.

  2. What you didn't buy the cup cakes? go back go back! You and Jo are a riot! I can't wait for you guys to do another vid together! =D

  3. Ah Rina!Super adorbs! You need to go back and get those...or at least get them for me. LOL!!!

  4. Go back, go back, go back! LOL