Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Am Roses Project 4 - Cards Greeting Farm Princesses!

I love using I Am Roses to accent my cards, I made three Greeting Farm Princess Collection cards using some of my favorite I Am Roses flowers:
  • 1.00 inch pink roses R6-1
  • 0.50 inch white roses R8-15
  • 0.75 inch white roses R3-15
  • 0.75 inch pink roses R3-1
  • Small White flowers S10-15
I also challenged myself to practice my copic coloring on brown hair, the three copic markers I used to achieve the brown hair look on my cards were E74, E77, E79.  I'm finding out the best way to learn how to color is to practice and be patient, for me I've learned that you have to wait for your image to dry to see the final result.

The stamps I used are from The Greeting Farm - these are super fun to color and practice hair with, also the dresses are super easy to paper peice and layer with.

  • Princess Anya

  • Princess Collection no. 02

  • Princess Collection no. 03

  • Here are some up close photos, I love the way these came out and the flowers are so easy to work with - a great final touch!

    Hope you get to try these amazing flowers visit


    1. great cards...i use the same combo for brown hair...hope aLL is good on your side of the west coast...i heart your cards....TFS..hugs Liann

    2. Wow, R... Amazing cards. Love them all. those flowers are beautiful. TFS... hugs

    3. I sooooo love these new stamps but I decided to start buying up all the older ones BEFORE buying the new ones. That way I can make sure that I get them before they retire them.

      BEAUTIFUL cards!! They are sooooo cute and elegant. :) Mercy

    4. Super cute cards! I had to stop buying TGF stamps cuz I have "collected" so many and haven't used them yet! Aarrgghh! Very inspiring! Hugs, Linda