Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meatballs, IKEA, & Digital Brushes


So went to IKEA and found this amazing frame (Click Here), didn't end up buying it because it was EXTRA LARGE, awesome but way too big!

I was on the HUNT for some storage solutions, but no luck this time :(

Had the Swedish Meatballs for the first time, they were only $3.99 a plate and they were so super yummy, it came with meatballs, gravy, mashies, and lingonberry jam on the side. Sooooo worth it, here's a pic, also experimented with my House of 3 digital brushes and some Ali Edwards digital brushes, kinda fun.  This was a quick test run, hope to do MORE digital brush projects...

later dudes,


  1. LOL@ jo's I love their balls snorting here lol! Never had their balls but they do look extra yummy lmao! I heart ikea and that frame gorgeous! I need some storage solutions so bad to minimize the hoarding look lol! TFS! ~CSG~

  2. ooooh, lovin the IKEA frame and that digital brush thingy! Very cool. Whoa... you have never had the Swedish meatballs meal at IKEA before?? Girl, you've been seriously missing out! LOL!! Really lovin' your blog btw and can't wait to see what you post next! hugs, Ar