Friday, August 12, 2011

Latest I Am Roses Package

Here's my latest I Am Roses Video, I've listed the links down below in the order shown on the video.


Products featured in this video:

Scrapbooking Curly Flowers

Small Soft Green 2 Tone Maple Leaves

Small Flowers

Puffy Semi Open Rose Buds

3 Inch Flowers "Artichoke'

Cherry Blossoms

1.25 Inch Flowers

2 Inch Flowers (R40)

Short Paper Flowers Spray SP1

Paper Flowers Spray SP2

0.25 Inch Roses

0.50 Inch Roses (R8)

Mini Rose Buds (T1)

1 Inch Roses

0.50 Inch Roses (R8) These are the ones I got in Red/Mixed Classic/Pink

Visit I Am Roses here:

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